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- specialised producer of rhubarb and rhubarb juice

- long term experience in rhubarb growing
- certified organic production
- one of the biggest organic rhubarb producers in region

My 35000 rhubarb plants are growing in soil of Tartumaa county, Estonia. I manage my fields in organic way and I press organic rhubarb juice out of it.
Pressed and pasteurized rhubarb juice is my main product. It is strong, full of rhubarb taste, red colored and made out of only my own rhubarb. The product is aimed for other food and drink producers or caterers / restaurants – as ingredient. Its a real rhubarb feeling, You shoud try!
I can also provide Your business a fresh organic rhubarb in harvesting season (May/June) 

Rabafarm O rhubarb and juice production is inspected and certified by Agriculture and Food Board (Estonian state owned certifiers for organic production and processing).
Products are labelled with the organic production logo of the European Union and Estonian ko logo.
Although my company Rabafarm O is established in 2011, the tradition of commercial rhubarb production as the family business is already third generation activity. My grandfather Evald Paju started rhubarb growing in 1965.